National President's Project 2015-2018

Mount Vernon Spy Adventure App

The National President's Project is the funding of a Spy Adventure “App” for Smartphones to be used by visitors at Mount Vernon historical site. Targeted to guests ages 11-15 years, the adventure will involve finding objects, characters, and locations that will trigger responses, clues, and challenges on the user’s Smartphone. The activity will educate users about Washington’s role in espionage during the Revolution, while allowing them to interact with the estate (Mount Vernon) like never before.

Projects for 2015-2018:

Emphasis each year will be placed on the technology available to enhance the interest in America’s beginnings as an independent nation. For this second year emphasis will be placed on the following committees:

The Flag of the United States - Emphasize and teach proper respect for our country's flag. Be vigilant for improper display of the flag and bring such to the attention of the institution or individual on whose property the flag is being improperly displayed.

American Indian Scholarship - The RAIN Program at the University of South Dakota- Increase donations to the RAIN program, which helps "Retain American Indians in Nursing" at the University of South Dakota.

National Headquarters - Increase donations to the "Unrestricted Fund" to benefit National Headquarters upkeep and maintenance.


Tennessee Daughters currently serving at the NSDAC national level:

Linda D. Dean, National Vice President, Blue Ridge Section

Mrs. Charles W. Miles III, Honorary National Vice President

June Dorman, National Bylaws Chairman

Linda L. Mansur, Chairman and Editor,The Colonial Courier