NSDAC Patriotic Education Committee

To encourage public interest in the early history of our Nation

The purpose of the NSDAC Patriotic Education Committee is to encourage public interest in the early history of the nation, foster its teaching in public and private schools, and suggest such programs and projects as will develop and sustain a love of the United States of America and its institutions. This administration, the Patriotic Education Committee, is promoting an educational project in conjunction with Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon is producing educational videos and lesson plans for school teachers to use.

Mt. Vernon has created a series of lesson plans for elementary, middle and high school students, including activities such as examining the verses to Yankee Doodle or decoding a message to George Washington. The Mt. Vernon website also included access to primary research collected by the Mt. Vernon Ladies Association.

DAC Colonial Education Kit

Did you ever want to experience life during the Colonial Period of America? The National Society in 2012 developed a Colonial Education Kit for youths, designed to be presented in schools and offering students a chance to experience life in the colonies. For example, what is it like to write with a quill pen? How did people dress in the 1600s? What kind of games did children play? The kit is designed to be tailored to the needs of the classroom and presented by a DAC member.

For information on having a Tennessee DAC member bring the DAC Colonial Kit to your class, please contact Betty Walton for more information.


Video Available on Yorktown

NSDAC is supporting a series of video produced by Mt. Vernon. Its first released video is on Yorktown.

Click here to access the link, or visit www.mountvernon.org/yorktown/education.